samedi 4 juin 2016

Du rouge au(x) rose(s)

J'avais fait des photos le 20 mai, le muguet commençait seulement à se montrer et les roses prenaient le relais du lilas, malheureusement, il a tellement plu ces derniers jours qu'elles n'ont pas toutes résisté.

 Hier, j'ai récupéré deux Pierre de Ronsard, cassées… elles décorent l'intérieur, maintenant. ;) 


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  1. Beautiful roses dear Léa ♥,

    especially the Pierre de Ronsards. They look like peonies, truly a wonderful color and you have decorated them so beautiful.

    We have very stormy weather here. The garden suffers from strong rain. My climbing white roses almost lay on the ground.
    I'm just happy that the hydrangeas aren't really flowering now, they just start to.
    But what I really love is the smell outside now. Fresh bathed air ;) each day.
    And right now, while I'm sitting in our little garden, another storm is coming up. Miou runs inside and hides under the kitchen table.
    Honest I love to watch the storm and enjoy mother nature in this wonderful scene too.

    Have a wonderful (stormy) Sunday dear Léa ♥

    Hugs Pipi ♥

    1. Thank you, Pipi! (It was a very busy Sunday … :P)

      I like the rain and I do not get tired of looking down.
      But in that moment it makes a lot of victims forced to leave their flooded homes, this is less rosy. :(
      I hope Miou is out of hiding, and that the storm has passed, then waiting patiently for the hydrangeas bloom.
      Hugs to you, too and, of course, one more to Miou… :D

    2. Oh yes, dear Léa,

      the same here in Cologne and in other parts of Germany. People have to leave their homes, some have even lost their houses.
      We just have a swimming pool in our cellar now. We were prepared, so nothing get lost. Several instruments, wood and paper...uff.

      Miou returned, sat on my knees and tried to hide under my arm. I'm sure you know those moments when you do not dare to move, so that your kitten has it's calm, while your legs fall asleep :D

      Now the storm is over til the next is upcoming tonight. Miou lays in the sun and several hydrangeas show first blossom.

      Are you going to SIMP this year ?

      Wish you a lovely new week !

      Bises and a gentle paw hug
      from Pipi & Miou ♥ =^..^=

    3. Yes, we can stay long without moving, without disturbing the cat ... ^^
      Fortunately you had taken precautions to protect your instruments.
      I go to the SIMP, I work in the preparation, every day. I make some short breaks to enjoy the flowers (I made some pictures this morning that I have not still watched ... that's for later, at one of the next breaks. ;)

  2. Elles sont merveilleuses ces roses !!!
    Ici, les rosiers sont magnifiques, bien plus hauts que les années précédentes. Actuellement, ils sont remplis de fleurs mais aussi de boutons ! J'avais quelques brins de muguet pour le 1 er mai ;)
    Ces derniers jours, tout comme au mois de mai, la météo est plus clémente qu'à Paris et Strasbourg !
    Bises. joce

    1. Merci, Joce. C'est une chance, toutes ces roses dans ton environnement et moins de pluie ! :D
      Très belle semaine, bises.


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